Rick Johnson is one of the most respected criminal defense & civil rights attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri.


Richard W. Johnson (Rick) founded The Law Office of Richard W. Johnson, LLC, in 2005. He has practiced law for nearly 20 years, always providing the highest level of representation. 

His career started with the goal of providing the highest quality representation for clients facing criminal charges or deprived of their civil rights by the police or other governmental agencies.  

The scope of his practice includes all types of criminal charges, from DWIs to federal offenses to sexual assault allegations and other violent crimes. Rick also files suits on behalf of clients who have suffered from police brutality, deprivation of First and Second Amendment rights, and violation of rights to Equal Protection of the law.

Rick prides himself on obtaining the best possible outcome in each and every case.  

Rick has helped clients avoid convictions on all types of criminal and civil rights matters. His not guilty verdicts and dismissals have included DWI, sex offenses, armed robbery, criminal drug enterprise, drug possession, and homicide.

Not only is Rick excellent at understanding the facts of your case and figuring out defenses, but he also has a complex understanding of the law and police procedures, including search and seizure issues, eyewitness identification, and false confessions. Rick has helped hundreds of people, just like you, win their cases after discovering the police violated their rights. 

For immediate needs, text Rick Johnson at 816-521-8249.