My first blog post...from 2010

I've now spent ten years working in the criminal justice system as a defense attorney, first as a public defender, and now a private attorney.  Over the years I've witnessed all of the heartbreak and exhilaration, highs and lows of a system that is both too often a tragedy and too often tragic.  I have seen people do some of the worst things imaginable to each other, but I have known all of them as people, victims and defendants, all with real emotions, families, and lives.  I have seen this system commit some of the worst injustices, and I have seen real, live authority figures lie and cheat.  I have also seen the system work, reform people, and exonerate the innocent.

I hope this forum will provide some insight into the detailed workings of the criminal justice system from a defense perspective.  Our jobs are often misunderstood, holding a public perception framed more by O.J. Simpson than reality.  In time, as I write more here, perhaps at least one person will learn just a little more about what we do.  From plea negotiations to civil rights violations, I hope this will become a source for insight.